Our Vision is to help shape a World that is full of higher performing, more engaged, kinder businesses where people are at their absolute best in all environments.  In order to guide us in achieving this, these are the values that CHX share:


Of all life’s great privileges, having choices must rank highly. We choose to learn because we love it, and because we believe that knowledge helps us make better choices.




We believe in getting as much as possible out of life. We try to understand ourselves, how we live, and our impact.  If we get it right, we can all experience a quality of life that is extraordinary.



We believe that positive challenge fosters development. We challenge ourselves, and each other, all the time. We also try to remember that constant challenge without support is quite simply unkind.



Giving is at the core of our being. We are the most successful social species on earth because, despite all media to the contrary, we are hard-wired to care for each other. When we help another person, it feels good, and that’s alright by us.


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