Whether you are running the trip as a team building opportunity or as a CSR activity to fundraise for your partner charity, we can help to manage the process for you. If you are interested in fundraising but currently do not have a partner charity, we would be delighted to introduce you to one of the charities we support.


We take all the effort out of the event for you. From the moment you decide to book a trip with us, we will manage everything. To make the process as simple as possible, we can either manage the booking directly with you or you can introduce us to your supporters and we will liaise directly with them.


Your charity partner will discuss with you required levels of fundraising. If you are taking a charity subsidised place, you will be asked to guarantee an agreed amount which you will be honour-bound to meet. Our events are designed to capture the imagination and maximise fundraising opportunities. We are happy to share our experience and tips on how to fundraise on request.

Our events are designed to be accessible, ensuring that anyone who wants to take part and raise money for charity can do so in the most extraordinary way.

To find out more about


If you are interested in participating in an existing event, or work for a charity that is interested in designing a tailored fundraising event get in touch with us.

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