Training and Preparation

Ready, steady...

The CHX team is on hand to give advice to all participants via email and on the phone. Preparation for such events is usually fairly straight forward but it is about getting a good routine of sport-specific activities and training, and of course doing enough of it.

We have standard circuit and mileage recommendations but everyone is different. The important thing is don’t be daunted! The CHX team is structured in such as way that whatever your level of fitness or ability, you achieve your goal.

Contact one of the team for tailored training tips and advice.


We are proud to be working in partnership with Earth Runs as part of the 1% Club.

You can now register with Earth Runs to log any activity, movement or training that you do. Earth Runs will then turn those miles into trees and will send you an impact report so you can monitor the progress you are making.

Each day that you train for your Challenge and the days you spend on the mountain with us will all count toward your efforts to help keep you, and the world, healthy and happy. Click on their logo to learn more…


Working Towards a Greener Outdoor Industry

If you would like to hire kit, to help us promote a circular economy of re-use, repair, repurpose and recycle, please ask us about the items that you may need.

We work with our partner the Re-Action Collective to supply high quality, used kit and equipment for our events with the small fee going back into environmental projects. Click on their logo to find out more about their work…

To find out more about


If you are interested in participating in an existing event, or work for a charity that is interested in designing a tailored fundraising event get in touch with us.

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